The Evolving U.S. Tech Law Landscape



  • Available Until 10/17/2024
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  • Duration 60 min.
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  • Program Code a0062
  • CA General CLE Credits: 0.75 hr(s)
  • IAPP Credits: 0.75 hr(s)

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Presented by: Baker McKenzie

The US tech regulatory landscape becomes more complex daily. New privacy, content moderation, youth protection, e-commerce and advertising laws, enforcement actions and judicial cases at the state and federal level are constantly reshaping the rules that social media networks, website and mobile app operators and online services providers must address in the US.

This session from Jonathan Tam, privacy and tech partner in Baker McKenzie’s San Francisco office, provides a foundation for spotting the most problematic issues. The best way to avoid fines and legal liability is to keep up and spot the potential problems before they become actual problems. Before you can address the problem, you first need to recognize them.


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Program was webcasted on May 16, 2023.