Europe’s (not so?) Unified Patent Court: Nationalist Nuances and Fragmentation



  • Available Until 1/25/2025
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  • Duration 108 min.
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Come celebrate the book launch for “Patent Litigation Through the Unified Patent Court and German Courts,” just in time for the inauguration of Europe’s new patent court. Co-authors will present their insights, first explaining how the UPC is supposed to work, and additionally predicting how things may work in practice, given the political compromises underlying the UPC. Attending from Europe, co-author Alexander Harguth will present the German view of the Court, co-author Konstantin Schallmoser will present the French angle, and co-author Steve Carlson will give strategic advice from the U.S. side. The panels will be moderated by Wayne Stacy of the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology and attorney from the UK, to highlight the fragile fabric of the UPC. The event will also celebrate the recent opening of Robins Kaplan’s new location in Redwood Shores, with a post-seminar party at the outdoor cabana.

Wayne Stacy
Executive Director
Berkeley Center for Law and Technology

Steve Carlson
Robins Kaplan LLP

Alexander Harguth
Preu Bohlig (Munich)

Konstantin Schallmoser
Preu Bohlig (Paris)