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Biotechnology & Inventorship – What You Need To Know

Sponsor: BCLT
Inventorship is the threshold determination for patent rights.  As a result, individuals, research institutions, biotechnology start-ups, venture capitalists, and biopharma collaborators may face significant commercial implications from this determination, potentially with surprising (or even problematic) results.  In this three-part virtual series, BCLT & Greenberg Traurig discuss the law of biotechnology patent inventorship in patent prosecution, trade secret and patent litigation, and commercial transactions. The aim of this virtual speaker series is to educate biotechnology stake holders (scientists, entrepreneurs, funders, and their attorneys) on best practices for determining inventorship and addressing disputes, so that they may conduct their business affairs with greater certainty. For anyone with a stake in a biotechnology invention, this series will help you optimize your rights and reduce your risks.  Don’t miss it!