AI and Evidence in Civil Litigation: (Panel 3) Implications for Admissibility and Trials



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  • Duration 90 min.
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Occurred on April 12, 2024

AI and Evidence in Civil Litigation: An Introduction and Discussion of the Issues

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Panel 3: Implications for Admissibility and Trials


This program will provide an introduction to Artificial Intelligence followed by a discussion of some of the evidentiary challenges that it poses for civil litigation. Topics will include: An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and the Law; Artificial Intelligence, Data Quality, and the Implications for Evidence; Implications for Admissibility and Trials; and Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Civil Litigation.



  • Bryant Walker Smith, University of South Carolina School of Law 
  • Rebecca Wexler, Berkeley Law  
  • Lindsay Freeman, Berkeley Center for Human Rights 
  • Deborah Nelson, Nelson Boyd Attorneys; Boyd Trial Consulting