Talk II: Commercialization Landscape of Gen-AI 2024



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  • Duration 120 min.
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Program occured on April 30, 2024

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Presented by Asia IP & Competition Law Center

ITalk II was dedicated to unraveling the emerging commercialization landscape of Gen-AI. This talk featured insights from two vanguards in the field: Di Li, the visionary Founder and CEO of XiaoIce, Microsoft’s renowned AI spinoff, and Chlon Tang, the esteemed Founding / Managing Partner of Berkeley SkyDeck Fund. Together with Yuan, they explored the transformative journey of Gen-AI from cutting-edge technological novelty to indispensable market solutions. As the initial excitement surrounding AI technologies gradually gives way to a demand for real value and comprehensive user experiences, the speakers dissected the critical elements driving the success of Gen-AI ventures, delved into the emergence of killer applications, and shared strategies for creating deep value that fosters active user engagement. This session illuminated the path towards building enduring businesses and innovation in the Gen-AI ecosystem, highlighting the notable approaches and mindsets required to navigate this rapidly evolving commercial landscape. Hopefully, this talk will provide our audience with a deeper understanding of how Gen-AI is starting to reshape innovative and creative industries.



Li Di, Xiaoice

Dr. Yuan Hao, BCLT

Chon Tang, Berkeley SkyDeck