ID&E in Tech: Steps Tech Employers Can Take to Reach Their ID&E Goals



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Tech company employers are facing pressure to accelerate progress on their ID&E goals, not only to address the disparate impacts arising from the pandemic, but also to advance ID&E as workplaces engage in post-pandemic transformation. What key actions can today's tech employers take to develop and meet meaningful ID&E goals? How does the tech industry compare to other industries? How do trends in the U.S. compare to global trends?

Baker McKenzie answers these questions by level-setting with meaningful survey data from compliance, legal, HR, and diversity professionals around the globe. (This data is available with the program materials.) One key takeaway: though progress is being made, it is slower than most management teams want. Another key takeaway: measuring and tracking ID&E data is imperative to promoting ID&E growth in tech.

Marredia Crawford and Autumn Sharp walk us through several important considerations for tech employers looking to advance their ID&E goals--from the necessity of using a data-informed strategy, to legal and employee trust issues around ID&E data collection, to the benefits of pay equity audits and employee resource groups. Whether you are starting a new program or looking to improve an existing ID&E initiative, this webcast is a great guide.