Judicial Temperament Questions (and Answers)



  • Available Until 1/1/2024
  • Class Time 1:00 PM PT
  • Duration 85 min.
  • Format On-Demand
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In 2020, BJI offered three programs on judicial temperament.
July 15
September 9
December 2
Some common audience questions during the programs were:

  • How do I recognize my temperamental traits as a judge?
  • What is my temperamental “envelope of possibility” for change, and how can I make the most of it?
  • How can I use this knowledge to change the temperature of an interaction in court?
  • What techniques for regulating emotion do judicial colleagues find particularly effective?

Join Judge Jeremy Fogel, BJI’s Executive Director, and Professor Terry Maroney as they devote an entire program to YOUR questions about judicial temperament. Submit your questions in advance here, bji@law.berkeley.edu, or ask them during the program.

This course does not offer CLE credit.