10 Things to Know Before You Go to Trial in Waco



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  • Duration 30 min.
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Despite all of the recent press, the Western District of Texas is a relatively recent entrant into the world of high-volume patent litigation.  And through all that press, it is easy to forget that Judge Albright and Waco are seeing their first series of patent trials.  Don't be fooled--you Eastern District experience does not matter. 

What do trial attorneys need to know? And what should in-house counsel be asking about as trial approaches?  And maybe the most important question of all, what should in-house counsel be thinking about earlier in their cases in order to get ready for trial if it does occur.

For anyone overseeing a patent litigation in the Western District, this is a session that will help you ask the right questions. 


Bradley Coburn, Winston & Strawn
Ahtoosa Amini Dale, Winston & Strawn
Barry Shelton, Winston & Strawn