Advanced Life Sciences Institute - Carving Out Induced Infringement: Strategy for Skinny Labels



  • Available Until 1/1/2024
  • Class Time 1:00 PM PT
  • Duration 45 min.
  • Format On-Demand
  • Program Code 6665
  • CA General CLE Credits: 0.75 hr(s)

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BCLT’s new Life Sciences Project is thrilled to announce the launch of our Advanced Life Sciences Institute. We are very excited to be kicking this new program off on April 22, 2022, with a conference on IP and licensing. Join us for in-depth discussions and examination of key issues related to intellectual property and transactions in the life sciences sector. Learn from the life sciences legal experts! CLE will be offered.


Kira Davis, Durie Tangri
Azra Hadzimehmedovic, Tensegrity
Ryan Johnson, Fenwick